In film, be it features or documentaries, fixing is an integral part. This aspect entails a thorough pre-production process in order for the production to run smoothly. In a broad sense, this complex activity involves obtaining permits, hire of equipment and crew, research, content production and logistics.

Who We Are?

The brainchild of Reshma Saira H and Sachit Sahoonja, Purple Plum Productions Pvt. Ltd. is a turnkey solutions provider for media and film production. The company was set up to meet the ever-increasing demand for a reliable, technically sound and efficient production house which offered all services under one roof. Whether it is international documentary films, branded content, commercials, reality television or photo shoots, there’s little reason to fret, as Purple Plum has you covered every step of the way.

What We Do?

The production house offers its clientele a complete set of solutions in film production across India. Their vast network of people and resources ensures that all requirements of the film production process are met and fulfilled to the best extent possible. Purple Plum will see to it that its clientele is free from the hassles of availing permits, converse in a variety of Indian languages, professionally assist in in-depth research, handle relevant logistical issues with ease, and ensure the secure delivery of your film gear to even the most remote locations.

Who We’re Looking For?

Purple Plum Productions’ target audience will include foreign crews looking to film in India as well as corporates within the country’s shores. They offer end-to-end film production services like crew, scripting, casting, research, recce, and equipment hire. The company’s extensive expertise in the industry will ensure that clients’ needs in the production process are taken care of seamlessly.

Why You Should Choose Us?

Reshma has always led by example. She doesn’t believe in waiting for things to happen. Systematic, efficient, and focussed on getting things done to the best existing standards. This is the kind of philosophy Purple Plum strives to bring to the table. A perfect combination of intelligence and application is what you get when you hire the company for film production work. “Our organisation is adept at hiring and managing crews of all sizes. Services are customised to the individual client’s requirements,” Reshma says.